Uses of PDA

Published: 25th May 2010
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PDA is a very useful gadget and therefore everyone is keen on buying it from any online wholesale auction site. Let's see some of the other uses of Personal Digital Assistants.

a. Navigation

The GPS (Global Positioning System) facility in PDA is very useful in navigation and provides valuable information related to a particular place including its traffic and road conditions. With PDAs, you would be able to find your way out from unfamiliar locations.

b. Businesses and Enterprises

PDAs help businesses to track and store details and in supply chain management in warehouses and package delivery.

c. Medical

PDAs enhances the communication between patients and doctors. With PDA, doctors can easily track patient data and history. This helps in easy and fast diagnosis of any ailments. PDAs are also useful in prescribing medicines and in reviewing dosages. Patients, on the other hand, can use PDAs to record their symptoms, which helps doctors to provide treatment immediately. PDAs can also alert patients suffering from any chronic diseases of the treatments required.

d. Education

With PDAs students can digitally note down points, which can be reviewed immediately using the built in dictionary and spell checker. Moreover, with the availability of e-Books that can be quickly uploaded to PDA, students need not carry multiple textbooks at a time.

e. Sports

PDAs are very useful in cross-country competitions be it road rally, bike rally, or trekking. It serves as the 'third eye' as it helps to navigate in unknown places and locations.

f. Disabled People

PDAs incorporated with requisite software can help people with speech, vision, hearing, and other disabilities.

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