Unprotected IP Addresses Invite Danger

Published: 04th November 2010
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We all surf the internet to communicate, collect information, conduct business and also to shop. The convenience of accessing information through the medium of the internet has increased the number of users. However internet surfing has also provided channels for snooping around and creating disturbances in the lives of innocent people. To surf the internet, an IP address is provided to users. It is a unique number which enables the transfer of messages from one computer to another. It contains personal identifiable information that can help trace your exact geographical location. So whenever you visit any online shopping sites, your IP address is easily tracked. This is why you receive promotional offers frequently from various online stores. When you open email and send electronic messages, your IP address is tracked.

Why is IP Protection important?

With the help of IP addresses, the location of hackers or identity thieves can be disclosed. Those who have online businesses or are heavily reliant on the internet for their business can be at a huge loss with unprotected IP addresses. Here are some reasons you need to protect your IP address:

1. Access to Personal Information - With an exposed IP address, you are opening the door to all kinds of negative influences. Hackers and frauds can easily access the information stored in your system through the IP address. You may have stored your credit card details, login IDs, passwords or important business documents, and it would not take much time for someone to get ahold of all this information and misuse it.

2. Loss in Business - When you have an online business you have to communicate and correspond with your business associates, partners, customers, vendors, etc. Thus your computer houses a treasure of information. With unprotected IP addresses these hackers can either tamper with or delete the information, leaving you with no hopes of salvaging your business. Your business rivals can easily hire technical experts to access this vital data lying in your computer and leave you stranded.

3. Reputation Loss – A business’s brand is its sign of recognition. Frauds and cheaters can use your brand name to supply your customers with low-grade and over-priced products. They could even use your brand name to contact your regular customers and request they update their personal information, thereby gaining access to their bank accounts and credit card details.

4. Affects the Performance of Your Business – When hackers trace your IP address, they may send you emails or offers that could be infested with malware and spyware. These obnoxious elements are released throughout your computer network, which could make the performance of your machines very slow. If you have a retail business and a mail containing spyware/ malware is released, you can imagine the amount of chaos it can cause. Your systems can become slow, some functions can become redundant and some elements may be erased and bring the whole systematic management crashing down.

How to Ensure Protection

There are just a few ways of protecting your IP addresses. One is by using proxy servers through proxy sites which hide your IP address. Cookies can also be used to ensure safe online shopping for customers. The best option though is using a dynamic IP which changes the IP address every time you login to the system. These are some useful brand protection tips that can help you counter counterfeiting challenges.

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