Top Tips for Selecting Preventive Maintenance Software

Published: 12th April 2011
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It is a well known fact that preventive maintenance management can save an enterprise a great deal expenses when compared to the costs and charges associated with break-down repairs.  Breakdowns of strategic assets will prove to be significantly more expensive when loss of production or service levels occurs. If proper preventive maintenance management software is in place, expensive downtimes can be drastically reduced.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best preventive maintenance management software:

a)When you go shopping for preventive maintenance software, always keep in mind that a software solution that is easy to install, can be configured quickly, and can be deployed rapidly, is a safer bet.
b)A solution that can easily link your asset management, maintenance management, inventory and purchasing functions together for swifter and better decision making abilities will be a worthwhile investment.
c)A solution that includes features such as scheduling, dispatching, work orders, service calls, inventory management, reporting, tracking and maintaining will go a long way for your enterprise or your plant.
d)A preventive maintenance softwaree solution that helps in fuel management and effective fleet maintenance can meet the specific needs of your fleet managers effectively.
e)Getting a solution that can be application or KPI specific configured, and is easily scalable for single or multi-site deployment is a great buy. Fast and easy reporting and data access should exist throughout your enterprise asset management software implementation for enhanced organization-wide productivity.
f)Streamlining your maintenance processes is a very important activity for any enterprise. A solution that can easily assign, track and resolve maintenance issues will streamline your enterprise’s maintenance strategy and operations.
g)Opting for a solution that is mobile enabled is a great idea because maintenance processes become even simpler for field operations when there is mobile access to details of service history, billing and current status. Such a solution can quickly help your managers track what is past due, what is coming up and the status of completion of different projects.

From helping maximize your resources to covering all your O&M operations, an optimized preventive maintenance management solution can ensure real-time collaboration between your managers and the engineers and technicians on the worksite. Investing in such a solution ensures that crucial work orders are not missed and are completed on time, while also ensuring that preventive maintenance tasks are clearly defined and assigned according to schedule.

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