Significance of Design and Color in Cosmetic Packaging

Published: 05th April 2011
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Design is the most important element in the product development process as it is where brands communicate with customers. There is a great deal of innovation required by cosmetic manufacturers as the use of color and design is considered very important in cosmetic packaging. Packaging design plays a pivotal role in ensuring a customer's perception of the brand. Cosmetic packaging relies heavily on marketing for its success. A large part of marketing is in the design and appeal of the packaging.

The packaging of a product is influential in how a product sells. Design and color are more relevant than they initially appear. Just as a well-wrapped present is attractive and pleasing to the eye, an appealing package design also catches a consumerís eye much better than one with mediocre packaging. It is thus imperative for all companies to take sufficient interest in packaging as it can be instrumental in increasing or decreasing profits.

With an increase in the number of brands, there is also an increase in the competition between various companies to gain traction in the cosmetics industry. This has resulted in the manufacturing of a wide variety of wholesale cosmetic packaging for different make-up, perfume, skin care, body care and hair care products, thus putting consumers in a quandary. Such scenarios have led to customers relying on product packaging to assess brand quality. It is usually beautiful cartons with visually appealing designs and colors that have enhanced brand image in the minds of people, while, on the other hand, brands with plain cartons and nominal design are deemed cheap and substandard.

Packaging design has a huge impact on a product:

1. Packaging primarily helps a customer identify the brand.
2. Packaging helps in communicating with the consumer, displays the product and provides directions for its use.
3. Packaging distinguishes a product from that of a competitor's in its design, color and shape.
4. Packaging is a productís promotional advertisement and is a deciding factor in a customer making an actual purchase.

Cosmetic packaging is not all about classy designs and stylish colors. There are other factors like durability, portability, convenience, etc., that are vital in creating a brand image. Packaging trends are changing constantly. There are new innovations all the time. Keeping abreast of packaging and label trends will give your products a competitive edge. Design and color in cosmetic packaging helps in building a brand image and a relationship with consumers.

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