Sales Pipeline Management The Route to Efficient Sales Cycles

Published: 16th June 2011
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Sales Pipeline Management is all about efficiently monitoring the sales pipeline flow to generate maximum sales leads. It also entails analyzing sales progress, opportunities and products or product deals that are moving at a faster pace and those that are lagging behind. This gives sales management the scope to work closely with sales teams in order to achieve better business.

Sales Pipeline Management includes data entry for any raw material by the sales team in a CRM structure. Depending on this, the sales analytics software will be able to evaluate the data and give sound insights for the sales process. Generally, it starts with an upper-level synopsis and then highlights the alterations that have occurred since the previous reporting period. Therefore, you can get all the details of a particular product or deal and its performance and take instant action if there is a need. There are five fundamentals of effective Sales Pipeline Management:

1. Profile information- This includes tracking the name, company name, phone number and e-mail.

2. Deal Profile- This entails tracking the product/deal sold and its worth.

3. History- This means recording store correspondents with the future prospect centrally. They would include call notes, proposals and important emails.

4. Stage- This entails updating the sales probability and stage, target close date, next step and other allied details.

5. Ownership- This deals in assigning a representative to every business opportunity.

Specialized IT companies today have come up with innovative Sales Pipeline Management software that helps to set up comprehensive business metrics. This apart, users can enhance the sales workflow. As a result, the sales per quarter and the pipeline velocity also increase.

In addition to that, sales pipeline software organizes and combines dissimilar contact information from wherever it is stored and then joins it with the biggest relationship/data store close to a billion relationships. It operates on a specialized graph engine that allows the users to asses the best paths available to achieve sales targets. These targets could be companies as well as entities. Users can explore the profiles of these companies and people for any additional inputs.

Sales Pipeline Management solutions help you to create competent sales cycles and achieve fruitful results. In addition to that, the time that is spent on sales contact searching is minimized.

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