How to Choose the Best ERP Consulting Services for Your Enterprise

16th December 2009
Introduction Efficient business processes are the key to enterprise survival. Enterprises across the globe use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools to hold enterprise applications together and manage their operations efficiently. Implementation of... Read >

Top Gift Items for Men

23rd October 2009
Finding gifts for men requires the grit to search for that elusive item that needs to be new, unique and special. Common gifts for men include wallets, pens, shirts, accessories or simple jewelry. With new and innovative gift ideas abounding the online sp... Read >

Enhance Test Efficiency with JIRA & BUGZILLA & Test Automation Tools

06th October 2009
Defect tracking is an essential part of the testing process. During the testing process, the entire life of a bug or major error factors need to be tracked to make sure they do not manifest in other ways that may slowdown or halt the working of software p... Read >

Automated tool crib systems help in reducing inventory

25th August 2009
Inventory management has been of utmost important in businesses as it helps to ensure that a proper inventory is maintained at all times. Inventory management is the process of keeping track of list of goods and materials that are in stock, and having the... Read >

Vending machine and its advantages

04th August 2009
Installing vending machines has been a lucrative way to run profitable businesses lately. There are many types of vending machines available today, say from coffee vending machine to vending machines dispensing pasta, eggs and even industrial tools. Indus... Read >

Summer Travel Getaways & Essentials

05th April 2009
Come spring and the entire world turns colorful and breezy. What else could be the best season to plan for travel and the loads of shopping that go with it? Travel brings to mind the sunny beaches of Hawaii, exotic locales of India-Sri Lanka or a fashiona... Read >

Ringback Tones, Music for your Callers

17th January 2009
While the mobile phone music industry seems to be flattening out with ringtones and MP3 music reaching the peak of popularity, here comes a savior to the mobile-music business in the form of ringback tones. Ringback tones, the sound/music that we hear... Read >
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