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Published: 10th February 2012
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For those people who live out of suitcases, laptops are a true blessing. It allows you to work on the go. Today more and more people prefer laptops to desktops. This is because it is portable, small in size, and power efficient. Just as the advent of online shopping sites has made shopping fun and easy, the advent of laptops has allowed people to carry not only office but also home along with them.

Laptops are now available in various price ranges. However, instead of visiting an electronic store, it would be better to do online electronic shopping, as you would get some of the best deals online. Almost all online shopping websites offer laptops at discount rates with cash on delivery. However, unlike earlier times when laptops meant portable devices operated on the lap, there are now different types of laptops available serving different purposes. The following is a list of different types of laptops so that you do not make any wrong choice.

Netbooks are light in weight, power efficient and economical. As the name implies Netbooks specialize in wireless communication and internet access. For those who need to remain connected during travel, netbooks are necessary.

Notebooks are improved version of Netbooks. Compared to Netbooks, Notebooks have larger screens and keyboards, longer battery lives, and enhanced performance and features.

These are known as Subnotebooks or Lightweight laptops. Ultraportables are for those who travel frequently. Among laptops, ultraportables are the smallest and lightest of all. Though they have lesser hardware features, Ultraportables have longer battery life.

Rugged Laptops
Just as its name implies, rugged laptops can be used in very harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, strong vibrations, wet, dusty or windy conditions. These laptops are large, very heavy and hence very much different from regular laptops. They can handle tough conditions and rough handling.

Gaming Laptops
Gaming Laptops provide a completely different gaming experience for the hardcore mobile gamers. It has a larger display screen, faster CPU, and superior graphics and 3D.

Desktop Replacement
As the name implies, these laptops are a replacement for the desktop PCs. It provides all the features of a desktop. Earlier it was heavier and larger. However, nowadays thinner and lighter versions of desktop replacements are available.

Tablet PCs
These are laptops with touch screen and are operated using a stylus or digital pen. It comes with or without keyboard. Designers and students commonly use this laptop, as it is portable and user friendly.

Technological innovation and the concept of networking along spread of the Internet has paved way for transfer of vast amounts of data across various networks as well as downloading information. The widespread use of technology in all walks of life has made downloading of information quite a common scenario. The downloaded information definitely occupies a part of the memory in the computerís hardware- basically the hard disk.

A globalized business environment with its mobile workforce motivated technology giants to develop hard disks with features including faster transfer, automatic backup and a plug and play design. Such hard disks came to be known as the external hard disks. Backing up files and data became easier with the external hard disks. With greater capacity and reliable and secure storage these replaced the use of compact disk as an external storage medium. Easily available at most of the computer hardware dealers, this can also be purchased from online electronic shopping portals.

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