Evolution of Cosmetic Packaging

Published: 25th January 2011
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If the cosmetic industry today is a multi-billion dollar industry, then the cosmetic packaging industry is not far behind. This sector was non-existent until a few years ago and has developed into a very demanding industry. It is interesting to trace the evolution of cosmetic packaging and how it has grown over time.

The Past

Looking back, we can see that the concept of cosmetic design and cosmetic packaging did not exist at all. In fact, during that period, skin care and hair care cosmetics were prepared at home. Moving forward to the immediate past, we saw a gradual change in people’s attitudes. As new products entered the market, people started experimenting. Instead of making their own cosmetics at home, they started trying out products found in the market. However, as far as cosmetic packaging was concerned, it still did not attain much significance. It was never deemed an important aspect of the brand development process. Manufacturers of cosmetics focused more on the quality of cosmetic products and less on the packaging. Hence, most cosmetic products came in ordinary packaging that was of no concern to the majority of consumers. Consumers were more interested in selecting products that served their purpose rather than worrying about packaging.

The Present

Technological advancements have brought about increased collaboration between countries. As a result, new players have entered the domestic and international cosmetic scene. A new range of hair care and skin care products started flooding the market, thus making the cosmetic industry a highly competitive one.

Cosmetic product manufacturers tried different ways of influencing purchasing decisions. They put in place several campaigns to promote their brand and were successful to the extent that they got buyers’ attention. But when it came to sales, the results were not overwhelming. When they analyzed their brand development strategy, they realized that whatever tactics they were employing meant nothing to consumers when they actually entered a shop and made a purchase. That’s when they realized the importance of cosmetic packaging and its role in influencing purchasing decisions.

Packaging is the first real thing that the consumer assesses about a product or brand. And if the packaging fails to create an impression, then however great the product might be the consumer will not buy it. Hence, cosmetic manufacturers started investing heavily in cosmetic packaging to make their products stand out from the rest. With packaging playing a decisive role in influencing consumers’ buying decisions, it led to the growth of a new sector within the cosmetic industry, called the cosmetic packaging sector. The wholesale cosmetic packaging industry now has top class professionals with the experience and expertise to come up with fabulous designs that are not only unique and trendy but also a perfect match to products and brands.

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