Benefits of Optimizing MRO Inventory Management for Your Business

Published: 18th April 2011
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In today's extremely competitive business environment, companies are searching for any and every way to increase efficiencies, decrease costs and manage assets wisely. Most manufacturers have invested a significant amount of time and resources into EAM, or Enterprise Asset Management, while MRO, on the other hand, has been a mismanaged portion of many a company’s operations processes. Poor MRO management can hamper material availability as it ties up money in the wrong inventory, while inducing delays in parts and tools that may be critical for asset management, repairs, or production processes. MRO inventory optimization is necessary for companies to ensure that their operations are kept at maximum levels of outputcontinues.

Principles of Effective MRO Inventory Management:

Optimized MRO inventory management is important for your business as it eliminates potentials of:
a)Stock outs
b)Inaccurate reorder points
c)Inaccurate reorder quantities
d)Out of stock inventory
e)Surplus inventory
f)Archaic inventory
g)Imprecise lead times
h)Low rate of turnover
i)Ongoing purchase of dead or declining-use inventory

Optimizing inventory data has many advantages.By providing regular reports based on current MRO data, a decision support service can:
1)Automaticallyset inventory stock levels on the basis of current business conditions and/or usage.
2)Proactively detect problem items.
3)Publish action lists for procurement, warehousing, operations, maintenance and finance.

The benefits of optimizing MRO inventory management for your business are:
1)Makes the right inventory items accessible to personnel in the right quantities at the right time.
2)MRO optimization enhances cash flow by diminishing over-purchases of rarely used inventory spare parts and consumes excess inventory appropriately.
3)MRO optimization maximizes productivity by reducing asset downtime if required parts are available JIT.

MRO inventory optimization has a direct financial impact on a business as well:

Improves plant efficiency - Less unplanned downtime, in conjunction with a higher level of planned maintenance accomplished on time.
Improves cash flow - With a lower MRO inventory investment, higher levels of MRO material availability can be achieved.

Most organizations have begun to understand the unique characteristics of MRO inventories and have started using science-based optimization methodologies to their advantage.. MRO Inventory Management is all about effectively managing spare parts and supplies inventory availability for critical production facilities and operations.

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