Automated tool crib systems help in reducing inventory

Published: 25th August 2009
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Inventory management has been of utmost important in businesses as it helps to ensure that a proper inventory is maintained at all times. Inventory management is the process of keeping track of list of goods and materials that are in stock, and having the delicate balance of supply and demand firmly mastered. Today's technology allows even the smallest retailers to track their inventory and sales and to know what their customers are buying with the use of inventory management system.

Now reduce inventory, save floor space and cut crib labor costs with automated crib transactions. Vending machines are vital to tool management or inventory management. And tool management will remain incomplete without the automated tool crib system which stores critical spare parts, supplies and tools in a system that is automatically managed at every step.
Some of the operations that can be carried out using a tool crib system are:

1. Check out/check in

2. Loan periods

3. Calibration and certification standards

4. Forced returns (one-for-one exchange)

5. Required lockdowns and more

These tool crib systems help you in dealing with large and bulky items or assets that need to be checked out and checked back in effortlessly. Featuring robust, industrial-grade construction, clear front panels for high visibility, available bright LED lighting and adjustable back panels; a tool crib supply system can ensure that your employees will find the right tool when they need it and where they need it.

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